SafeLite® Fire, Sound Blocking and Energy Saving Ceiling Light Covers

SPI SafeLite® Benefits Include:

  • The prefab SafeLite® enclosure offers documented acoustical performance greatly improving speech privacy and reducing unwanted sound transmission through the ceiling. This performance is critical for ceilng/floor sound proofing efforts.
  • The lightweight (~ 12 pounds for a 2' x 4' light fixture) construction is quick and easy to install saving considerable time and expense.
  • The use of peel and stick insulation pins provides a system that stays in place.
  • The rigid board enclosure offers improved durability compared to traditional field constructed ceiling tile or mineral wool enclosures.
  • SafeLite® material has an effective R value of 5.25 at at 75(°F) which will contribute to reduced energy costs.
  • Covers easily slit to accommodate fixture or ceiling suspension wires and power cable saving time.
  • Standoff insulation pins maintain any fixture air space requirements.
  • SafeLite® insulation board is made from natural materials and has a recycled content of 80.6% (post-industrial).

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