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Micore® 3/4-in X 48-in X 120-in Mineral Fiber Board

Micore® 3/4-in X 48-in X 120-in Mineral Fiber Board
  • Manufacturer: USG Corporation
  • Brand: Micore®
  • Item ID: 3MHBMIC300.75X48X120
  • MPN: MICOR-300-0.75X48X120

Micore® brand 300 mineral fiber board from USG is a superior substrate for fabric and vinyl-covered wall panels, office dividers and tack boards. An excellent core for chalkboards, stove boards and similar applications. Micore® 300 mineral fiber board offers outstanding resilience, superior machinability, high K-factor, heavy density and highest surface hardness of any Micore® board. Micore® 300 mineral fiber board is nearly 50% lighter than particle board, which allows for easier handling and lower freight rates. The inorganic mineral fibers resist moisture, minimizing expansion and warpage which are problems with particle board when it gets wet. Also, Micore® outperforms gypsum panels in workability. And the board cuts quickly to size and shape specifications using standard equipment while adapting readily to last minute design changes. Micore® 300 mineral fiber board outperforms particle board and other wood-fiber boards for flame spread and sound absorption.

Micore® 300 Mineral Fiber Board, 120 in Nominal Length, 48 in Nominal Width, 3/4 in Nominal Thickness, Smooth Texture

Nominal Length      :      120 in
Nominal Thickness      :      3/4 in
Nominal Width      :      48 in
Series      :      300
Texture Type      :      Smooth
  • Can be used as a substrate or core for a variety of applications
  • Is nearly 50 % lighter than particle board, allowing for easier handling and lower shipping rates
  • Cuts quickly and easily using standard equipment, adapts readily to last minute design changes
  • Smooth, coated finish maintains tighter tolerance
  • Exceptional tack ability
  • pdfCatalog https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Micore_MICOR_300_0_5X48X120_Catalog.pdf
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  • pdfSpecification Sheet https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Micore_MICOR_300_0_5X48X120_Specification_Sheet.pdf