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DuPont™ Tuff-R™ 2# 1-in X 4-ft X 8-ft Polyisocyanurate Board

DuPont™ Tuff-R™ 2# 1-in X 4-ft X 8-ft Polyisocyanurate Board
  • Manufacturer: DuPont
  • Brand: DuPont™
  • MPN: 00268426

DuPont™ Tuff-R™ and Super Tuff-R™ polyisocyanurate Insulation products consist of high performance, high R-value, closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core boards sandwiched between a choice of durable exterior foil facers. The polyiso-cyanurate insulation is created by an exclusive free-rise manufacturing process, which produces a uniform, closed cell foam for better insulation performance. On Tuff-R™ Insulation, one facer is a continuous sheet of aluminum foil, the other is a Tri-Plex facer consisting of a three ply laminate of durable kraft with aluminum foil on both sides. When additional durability is required, Super Tuff-R™ is the preferred product. One side blue, the other side reflective foil, its Super Tri-Plex facers feature three ply laminates of durable polyester, kraft and reinforced aluminum foil.

DUPONT™ Tuff-R™ Insulation Board, 1 in Thickness, 4 ft Width, 8 ft Length, Foil Facing, R-Value: R6.5, Density: 2 pcf, -50 to 90 deg F, 25 psi Compressive Strength, Polyisocyanurate Foam, Additional Information: Resists Weather

Additional Information      :      Resists Weather
Compressive Strength      :      25 psi
Density      :      2 pcf
Facing Type      :      Foil
Length      :      8 ft
Material      :      Polyisocyanurate Foam
R-Value      :      R6.5
Temperature Rating      :      -50 to 90 deg F
Thickness      :      1 in
Width      :      4 ft
  • Durable - three ply facers with one side blue and the other side reflective foil for durability and water vapor resistance
  • Versatile - can be directly applied to a variety of substrates, cathedral ceilings, exterior walls, interior basement walls, over roof decks
  • Performance - exceptional thermal performance
  • Finish - interior wall behind 1/2 in gypsum board or equivalent thermal barrier interior finish
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