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AEROFLEX® Aerofix-U 3/8-in OD X 1/2-in Thick Pipe Support

AEROFLEX® Aerofix-U 3/8-in OD X 1/2-in Thick Pipe Support
  • Manufacturer: Aeroflex USA, Inc
  • Brand: AEROFLEX®
  • Item ID: 3MKPAPH3/8X1/2
  • MPN: UX3812-75MM

Aerofix-U is a patented, closed-cell, lightweight polymeric rigid, high-compressive strength foam insulating pipe support, that is lined with closed-cell EPDM foam rubber, and encased in a zero-perm, weather-proof, corrosion-proof, EPDM polymer membrane with a high-performance pressure-sensitive closure system. Aerofix-U is designed for providing a high-strength, load-bearing insulation that will not compress or crush under loads imposed by active piping systems and their contents resting on the insulation material between the pipe and the pipe hanger. Aerofix-U can be used in applications with service temperatures ranging from -328 to +257 deg F, including ammonia refrigeration, halo-carbon refrigeration, chilled water, brine, domestic cold and hot water, hot water heating, solar water heating and low-pressure steam. Hanger types that Aerofix-U can be used with include trapeze(strut), split-ring, clevis, roller, clamps, and strap hangers. The rigid polymeric foam body provides superior insulating capacity and load-bearing properties to Aerofix-U insulating pipe hanger supports. The closed-cell EPDM elastomeric insulation layer inside the rigid polymeric structure provides an anti-abrasion surface for contact with all types of piping materials, and absorbs the vibrations associated with operational pipe systems. The Aerofix-U hermetic system's three-piece assembly is resistant to UV degradation, condensation and heat gain.

AEROFLEX® Pipe Support, 3/8 in ID Pipe, EPDM/Polymeric Foam, Black, -328 to 257 deg F, 1.33 in Base Diameter, 3 in Overall Length

Base Diameter      :      1.33 in
Color      :      Black
Material      :      EPDM Rubber/Polymeric Foam
Overall Length      :      3 in
Pipe Size      :      3/8 in ID
Temperature Rating      :      -328 to 257 deg F
  • With foam insulating tape and self-sealing closure tapes
  • 1/4 in nominal copper
  • 1/2 in material thickness