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JM Micro-Aire® Type 800 2-in X 48-in X 120-in Duct Board

JM Micro-Aire® Type 800 2-in X 48-in X 120-in Duct Board
  • Manufacturer: Johns Manville
  • Brand: JM
  • Item ID: 3MPDJ8002X48X120
  • MPN: 90005708

At JM, we believe in providing not just better products, but also better solutions. Our fiber glass duct board offers a high-performance alternative to traditional sheet metal ducts. It provides a number of performance benefits to HVAC contractors, as well as residential and commercial building occupants. JM duct board dampens unwanted noise and promotes consistent temperatures for less wasted energy. In addition, it contributes to a healthier indoor environment through less air leakage and is protected against damage from microbial growth. Homeowners and occupants will enjoy the benefits of improved comfort, while installing contractors will find JM duct board is easy to fabricate for faster installation. Our duct board solutions offer a wide range of benefits to fit your requirements and needs. Micro-Aire® duct board is produced from strong glass fibers, bonded with a thermosetting resin. The airstream side of Micro-Aire® duct board features a black fiber glass mat, which minimizes visibility of the duct system at supply air and return air outlets while providing excellent durability in high velocity conditions. The exterior surface features a fire-resistant foil-scrim-kraft facing extending the full width of the male edge to serve as an integral closure flap for section joints. Micro-Aire® duct board is molded with double-density, male/female edges for secure connections.

JM Micro-Aire® Mat Faced Fiberglass Duct Board, Black, 250 deg F, BTU Rating: 0.23 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F, 120 in Length, 48 in Width, 2 in Thickness, Flexible/Rigid: Rigid

BTU Rating      :      0.23 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F
Color      :      Black
Flexible/Rigid      :      Rigid
Length      :      120 in
Temperature Rating      :      250 deg F
Thickness      :      2 in
Width      :      48 in
  • Micro-Aire® exhibits superior toughness compared to standard fiber glass duct board
  • It provides increased resistance to damage that can occur from in-shop handling, fabrication, jobsite shipping and installation
  • Micro-Aire® duct board has a smooth interior surface that offers minimal resistance to air flow
  • Fabricated Micro-Aire® duct systems noticeably decrease the audibility of crosstalk, equipment noise and eliminate the sounds associated with the expansion and contraction of sheet metal duct systems
  • The airstream surface of Micro-Aire® duct board is treated with an antimicrobial agent specifically registered with the EPA for HVAC applications to resist potential growth of fungus or bacteria on the airstream surface
  • If cleaning is necessary, the airstream surface may be cleaned using standard industry recognized dry methods
  • The smooth mat facing creates a friendlier surface for fabrication and installation and reduces exposure to normal construction dust
  • pdfSpecification Sheet https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/JM_J475_1X48X120_Specification_Sheet.pdf