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Goodtemp 9-3/4-in ID (9-in IPS) X 4-in Perlite Pipe Covering

Goodtemp 9-3/4-in ID (9-in IPS) X 4-in Perlite Pipe Covering
  • Manufacturer: Howred Corporation
  • Brand: goodtemp
  • Item ID: 3MCPGT9X4
  • MPN: PEPC09040G

GOODTEMP is a high temperature thermal insulation made of expanded perlite and sodium silicate reinforced with fibers to increase impact resistance. This thermal insulation is inhibited, asbestos-free high temperature insulation. Being inherently inhibited, GOODTEMP protects austenitic stainless steel piping and equipment from failure due to chloride stress corrosion cracking. GOODTEMP also inhibits corrosion of other ferrous metals. The unique characteristic of bonding millions of vitrified air cells give abundant industrial applications to this inhibited high temperature insulation.

goodtemp Sectional Pipe Insulation, 9-3/4-in ID (9-in IPS), 18 in OD, 4 in Wall Thickness, Density: 12 pcf, 0.48 to 0.76 Btu-in/hr-sq-ft-deg F Thermal Conductivity, 1200 deg F, 134 psi Compressive Strength, 54 psi Flexural Strength, IPS Connection, Perlite, Pink, 3.28 ft Length

Application      :      For insulating piping, vessels, equipment in continuous, cyclic operation, high-temperature in process piping, refractory use, chemical plants and refineries
Domestic/Import      :      Domestic
Facing Type      :      Plain
For Pipe Size      :      9 in IPS
Inside Diameter      :      9-3/4 in
Iron Pipe Size      :      9 in
Water Vapor Sorption      :      1.3 %
  • Moisture-resistant, low absorption, corrosion guard, construction savings
  • Fire-resistant - does not act as wick, protects against actual fire damage
  • Superior inhibition - provides corrosion inhibition for austenitic stainless steel and other ferrous metals
  • Low shrinkage, less than 1% linear to 1200 deg F
  • Corrosion protection - acid-resistant contains virtually no chloride, no lime
  • High strength and flexibility - easier installation, improved appearance, longer life
  • Cost and time savings - full rating without double layers
  • Easily identified - because it's pink, you can easily spot asbestos-free goodtemp
  • Retains strength at high-temperatures - binder does not burn out, material will not flake or discolor
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