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aspen aerogels® HPS Pony 10-mm Pyrogel Insulation Blanket

aspen aerogels® HPS Pony 10-mm Pyrogel Insulation Blanket
  • Manufacturer: Aspen Aerogels, Inc
  • Brand: aspen aerogels®
  • MPN: P100160

It is no secret that maintaining critical temperatures is key to process yield. Yet many insulations fall short because they cannot handle high temperature conditions. Pyrogel® HPS was engineered from the ground up to thrive in harsh environments such as delayed coking and high-energy piping (HEP). Through our patented manufacturing process, Pyrogel® HPS achieves an extremely low thermal conductivity while being up to 75% thinner than competing insulation materials. Complex geometry and space limitations pose a great challenge to rigid insulation, which is often used in high temperature applications. Facilities are switching to Pyrogel® HPS because its flexible blanket format can be used on both pipes and vessels. A single SKU of Pyrogel® replaces a warehouse overflowing with a made-to-order inventory of rigid insulation that can only insulate certain areas of a unit. We also offer Pony Rolls of Pyrogel® HPS, grab-and-go rolls ideal for inspections and routine maintenance work.

aspen aerogels® Pyrogel® HPS Insulation, 10 mm Thickness, Aerogel, Gray, 1200 deg F, Density: 12.5 pcf, >/=3 psi Compressive Strength, Resists: Water

Color      :      Gray
Compressive Strength      :      >/=3 psi
Density      :      12.5 pcf
Material      :      Aerogel
Resists      :      Water
Temperature Rating      :      1200 deg F
Thickness      :      10 mm
  • Improve process stability - Pyrogel® HPS helps maintain desired temperatures throughout your process, which is a critical step in maximizing process yield
  • Boost labor productivity - in many situations Pyrogel® HPS installs faster than rigid insulation delivering more coverage per man-hour, it does not absorb water so it can be installed in any weather, allowing units to return online sooner
  • Reduce maintenance costs - failure to manage critical temperatures in certain applications may increase the possibility of expensive maintenance events, such as pigging lines
  • Facilities using Pyrogel® HPS have reduced downtime by limiting costly maintenance events
  • Remove and reuse - Pyrogel® HPS can be carefully removed and reused multiple times, eliminating the cost of replacement material and waste disposal
  • Extend lifetime of assets - Pyrogel® HPS can help prevent unwanted heat loss and eliminate the need to push a furnace or boiler to its operational limit, by maintaining optimal process temperatures, Pyrogel® HPS can help increase the lifespan of these assets
  • Simplify logistics - Pyrogel® HPS can be used to insulate almost any operating unit, from small pipes to large vessels, which can significantly reduce the costs of material handling and inventory management
  • Optimized thermal conductivity in high-temperature service
  • Faster application, especially on large bore piping and vessels
  • Addresses tight, hard to-insulate spaces with outstanding thermal efficiency
  • Flexible blanket material won't crack, sag or settle in high-temperature service
  • Stands up to vibration, footfalls and tool strikes
  • Tough enough for reuse after removal and inspection
  • Hydrophobic and breathable, Pyrogel® resists liquid water and avoids the damaging effects of wet insulation
  • Versatile format can be fitted to any piece of piping or equipment, greatly simplifying material management
  • Higher packing density reduces shipping and storage costs by up to 90%
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