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VC Thick-Kote™ Mastic, 2 gal Black

VC Thick-Kote™ Mastic, 2 gal Black
  • Manufacturer: Vimasco Corporation
  • Brand: VC
  • MPN: Thick-Kote-BK-2GL

Thick-Kote™ is a heavy-bodied, water-based, general-purpose mastic, for use over all types of thermal insulation. Thick-Kote™ is breathing type mastic formulated for maximum toughness, a fast drying time, and economical cost of material. It is higher in solids than other Vimasco weather barrier mastics and has a higher coverage rate. Thick-Kote™ is formulated for easy application by brush or trowel, but can also be sprayed if needed. Its recommended dry thickness ranges from 40 mil to 63 mil depending on the degree of protection required, and when properly applied within this thickness range, it provides excellent protection from the elements, other sources of water, and physical damage over a wide range of temperatures. These dry film thicknesses are achieved at a wet application of four to six gallons per 100 sq-ft.

VC Thick-Kote™ Mastic, 2 gal Net Content, Paste Form, Mild Latex Odor/Scent, Composition: Vinyl Acetate, 0 to 180 deg F, 2 hr Dry Time, 17 sq-ft/gal Coverage Area, 8 to 9 pH, 1.26 Specific Gravity, 12 g/L VOC, 75,000 cPs Spray Grade, 1,500,000 cPs Trowel Grade Viscosity

Composition      :      Vinyl Acetate
Coverage Area      :      17 sq-ft/gal
Dry Time      :      2 hr
Form      :      Paste
Net Content      :      2 gal
Odor/Scent      :      Mild Latex
Specific Gravity      :      1.26
Temperature Rating      :      0 to 180 deg F
VOC Content      :      12 g/L
Viscosity      :      75,000 cPs Spray Grade, 1,500,000 cPs Trowel Grade
pH Range      :      8 to 9
  • Thick-Kote™ should not be applied where it will be subjected to continual standing water or where the requirement is for a vapor barrier
  • Thick-Kote™ contains no asbestos, lead or mercury compounds
  • Thick-Kote™ must be protected from-freezing during storage
  • After application, until thoroughly cured, it must be protected from precipitation, -freezing, oil, grease and foot traffic
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