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aspen aerogels® Cryogel® Z 5-mm Insulation

aspen aerogels® Cryogel® Z 5-mm Insulation
  • Manufacturer: Aspen Aerogels, Inc
  • Brand: aspen aerogels®
  • MPN: F100276

Cryogel® Z is a top choice in cold conservation because it offers protection against cold splash, jet fire, as well as acoustic attenuation in an ultrathin and lightweight package. Unlike traditional cryogenic insulation, Cryogel® Z aerogel insulation is easy-to install and can be used throughout a facility due to its flexible blanket format. Available in two thicknesses, Cryogel® Z incorporates an integral vapor barrier with zero water vapor permeance to ensure maximum asset protection. Most of the largest petrochemical facilities in the world entrust Cryogel Z insulation to protect their assets and ensure smooth operations. Cryogel® Z has also been specified in nearly 50 major LNG liquefaction and regasification projects.

aspen aerogels® Cryogel® Z Insulation, 58 in Width, 5 mm Thickness, Aerogel, White, 257 deg F, Density: 10 pcf, >/=5 psi Compressive Strength, 1250 sq-ft Coverage Area

Color      :      White
Compressive Strength      :      >/=5 psi
Coverage Area      :      1250 sq-ft
Density      :      10 pcf
Material      :      Aerogel
Temperature Rating      :      257 deg F
Thickness      :      5 mm
Width      :      58 in
  • Streamline logistics - a single roll of Cryogel® Z can be used on vessels and pipes of various sizes which can significantly reduce the costs of material handling and inventory management
  • Boost labor productivity - Cryogel® Z installs 30% faster than rigid insulations, this increased coverage per man-hour can lead to significant savings in labor resources
  • Increase energy savings - Cryogel® Z has the lowest available thermal conductivity among industrial insulation, which can equal up to 50% less heat gain and boil off
  • Reduce material waste - Cryogel® Z flexible format means zero breakage during transport and minimal waste, it also reduces sensitivity to damage during prefabrication and modular installs
  • Improve operational stability - Cryogel® Z does not require the use of contraction joints, which saves time, money and eliminates a potential point of insulation failure
  • Cut construction costs - Cryogel® Z is lightweight and ultrathin, allowing for a possible reduction in rack density and footprint during new construction
  • Smaller pipe racks and less structural weight may reduce steel and associated costs for beams, columns and footings
  • Simplify maintenance - Cryogel® Z blankets are removable and reusable, allowing for easy inspections without the added expense of replacing the material
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity (K-value) enables thinner designs for improved space efficiency
  • Integrated vapor retarder provides redundant protection in an easy-to-install package
  • Eliminates the need for contraction joints reducing cost and complexity
  • Durable and flexible even at cryogenic temperatures
  • Robust performance during construction, transport and operations makes it suitable for pre-insulation and modular builds
  • Proven in global LNG liquefaction and regasification facilities
  • Thermal, acoustic, jet-fire, pool fire and cryogenic spill protection in a single system
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