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Rotofast™ Snap-on Anchor

Rotofast™ Snap-on Anchor
  • Manufacturer: Rotofast Inc
  • Brand: Rotofast™
  • Item ID: 5FBXRSO1-A
  • MPN: RSO1-A

Each Rotofast™ snap-on anchor pack comes with 50 anchors and black ratchets, 6 reusable marking plugs and one installation tool. Optional Rotofast™ snap-on anchor kits for drywall installation come with all the components of the pack along with 50 EZ anchors and screws. Typically 4 anchors are used for 4 x 4 in panels, 6 anchors for 4 x 8 x 1 in panels. Rotofast™ support can provide further advice on the number and placement of anchors for your project. Panel installation with Rotofast™ snap-on anchors is easy screw the anchors into the panel core material, screw the black ratchet to the substrate, mate the anchor with the black ratchet.

Rotofast™ Snap-on Anchor, Polypropylene, 7/8 in Diameter, 2 in Length, 50 Piece

Diameter      :      7/8 in
Length      :      2 in
Material      :      Polypropylene
Number of Pieces      :      50