SPI has a rich history, founded with the belief that providing quality insulation solutions is the cornerstone of what we do. We have grown and changed through the years, but we remain committed to this key ideal.

1982SPI is founded by Al Stoycos and the Mechanical Insulation operations were launched.

1985 SPI acquires Insulfab, Inc.

1987 SPI introduces Architectural product line.

1989 SPI acquires Tri-State Ceiling and Berger Architectural Sales.

1990 SPI acquires I.S.D., Inc.

1991 SPI acquires Boatwright Insulation Company, Inc. and Harry Rich Affiliates, Inc.

1992 SPI acquires Kigar Supply, Inc.

1993 SPI acquires The E. J. Bartells, Co.

1994 SPI acquires Plastic Ceilings Supply, Inc. and Ellington Insulation Company, Inc.

1996 SPI acquires Insulation Distributors, Inc. and Interior Specialties, Inc.

1997 SPI acquires Richlar Industries, Construction Systems, and RE Kramig.

1998 SPI spins off from IREX and acquires Extol of Texas, Presnell Insulation, Paragon Pacific, Chempower, and ASCO. Ron King is named CEO.

1999 SPI acquires Architectural and Interior Distributors (A&I), Pamrod Products, EIC Contracting & Distribution, Abacus, International Technifab, Goodwin Insulation, House of Ladders, and Thermal Insulation, Inc.

2000 SPI acquires Alpha Sales & Contracting.

2001 SPI acquires North Bros. Distribution.

2003 SPI acquires Specialized Building Systems, Inc. and Asbestos Free Materials, Co. Inc.

2004 Bob Rayner is named CEO.

2005 SPI acquires Proven Products, Inc.

2007 SPI acquires Acoustical Supplies, Inc. (ASI).

2009 SPI is sold to Superior Plus. Paul Vanderburg is named CEO.

2014 Mike Farrell is named CEO.

2016 SPI is sold to Foundation Building Materials. Ruben Mendoza is named CEO.

2017 SPI acquires Trident and Performance Foam Fabricators.

2018 SPI is sold to Dunes Point Capital. Jon Perry is named CEO.

2021 SPI acquires Bigham Insulation Supply, GLT, NewStar, Rocky Mountain Construction Wholesale, and Thermaxx Jackets. SPI invests in infrastructure and digital platforms to serve the customer how, when, and where they want to be served.