Fire protection is one of the most important assets in any building, and SPI has a wealth of experience in this industry. We specialize in passive fire protection products, which are designed to limit the spread of fires, should they arise, as well as protect the building and other assets from smoke and heat damage. In addition to our range of fire protection products, we offer training programs, submittal assistance, engineering judgments, product comparison evaluations, and job site support to help ensure that your project goes smoothly.

SPI is a member of the International Code Council, National Fire Protection Association and Firestop Contractor International Association




    Fire Protection Applications:

    Fire protection Services:

    • Training programs for contractors, facility maintenance, architects, engineers, building inspectors, code officials and insurance Industry representatives
    • Submittal assistance
    • Secure engineering judgments for unusual conditions
    • Product comparison and equivalency evaluation
    • Job site support


    SafeLite® UL listed light cover