SPI SafeLite® Benefits Include:

  • The only UL Certified enclosure to fit virtually any size light or speaker with up to 3 hour fire protection.
  • Documented sound blocking greatly improving speech privacy and unwanted sound transmission, critical for sound proofing efforts.
  • Lightweight (~ 12 pounds for a 2' x 4' light fixture).
  • Quick and easy to install saving considerable time and expense.
  • Supplied peel and stick insulation pins ensure covers stay in place.
  • SafeLite® has an effective R value of 5.4 at at 75(°F), reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • No need to disconnect power cables from fixtures, saving time, money and reducing disruption.
  • Easily slit to accommodate fixture power or ceiling suspension wires.
  • Supplied insulation pins maintain fixture air spacing.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Made from natural materials with a minimum of 70% recycled content.