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About Us

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Founded in 1982, Specialty Products & Insulation (SPI) is a distributor and fabricator of mechanical and building insulation products. Our products are used in thermal, acoustic, and fire protection applications. Across commercial, industrial, marine, and OEM markets, you will find SPI products in a range of projects.

SPI's product lines include 35,000 SKUs in a variety of applications. Our biggest product line is insulation systems for all imaginable applications. We also make OEM products, passive fire protection systems, acoustical panels, and other specialty products.

Our broad footprint covers most of North America, with sales and service centers throughout the United States and Canada. By working with domestic and international alliances, SPI serves a diverse customer base.

Our people are our most important asset and remain the company's secret to growth and prosperity. By employing a skilled, talented workforce, SPI creates lasting relationships with our customers. We are a family, and we want each customer to feel welcome.

SPI is a leading provider of superior solutions for the insulation and architectural industries. Not only do we provide industry-best service to our customers, but we also provide innovative distribution for our vendor partners.

At SPI, we are dedicated to being more than just an order-taker, and our track record speaks for itself. Let's create something great together.

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