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Products and Services

Commercial Insulation

Open ceiling of a commercial building showing a large piece of ductwork
Our commercial insulation has a wide variety of uses, including fire protection, soundproofing, heating/cooling, and more

Industrial Insulation

Massive industrial facility with large and small piping
Our industrial insulation products include acoustic panels, aerogel insulation, fire protection, metal building insulation, and more.

Residential Insulation

Photo of a man with hands together holding and handful of insulation
Residential insulation is a crucial element of construction. We offer solutions for every project.

Fabricated Services

Photo of a large industrial pipe-T with custom fit insulation
We provide fabrication services to create custom pieces for your project, crafting them out of cellular glass, mineral board, and more.


Photo of warehouse ceiling showing insulated piping and ducts
From AbsorptionPlus® acoustical panels to our SafeLite® energy-saving light covers, we offer a wide range of architectural insulation.

Fire Protection

Photo of a piece of insulated duct with fire flaming from the open end
We specialize in passive fire protection products, which limit the spread of fires. We also offer training and support in these solutions.


Photo of a open office space with soundproofed wall panels
Acoustic insulation serves to dampen, reflect, or otherwise alter sound in a space. We offer a complete line of solutions for every need.


Photo of a large insulated tank elevated above piping and walkways along a pier
From their acoustic needs to fire protection requirements, marine projects can be complex, and SPI is proud to be a leader in this industry.


Photo of a large trunk pipe with multiple heavilly insulated joints extending from it.
Used in a wide range of markets, refractory products are special types of insulation used in high-temperature environments.


Photo of various size ans shapes of insulation with complex cuts
Our CNC precision-cutting technology allows for a high-quality solution to meet tolerances for many original equipment manager applications.


Photo of a well insulated custom piece of machinery
We are proud to employ incredible people who can help with even the most niche specialty services.
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