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GLT Products Logo
GLT was founded in 1956 under the name Great Lakes Textiles. Today, they provide thermal, mechanical, and acoustical insulation products. Their network includes manufacturing, fabrication, and distribution centers. GLT Products was acquired by SPI in May 2021.
GLT Fabricators Logo
Founded in 2016, GLT Fabricators is a distributor and fabricator of commercial and industrial insulation. They have grown into a respected manufacturing and fabrication solutions provider. GLT Fabricators was acquired by SPI in May 2021.
Newstar Logo
Founded in 2008, Newstar is a major stocker and distributor of all Aspen Aerogels products in Canada. They distribute product across the entire country. Newstar was acquired by SPI in June of 2021.
Rocky Mountain Construction Wholesale Logo
Founded in 2006, Rocky Mountain Construction Wholesale stands on three principles in business: service, knowledge, and integrity. A major wholesale distributor, they specialize in building insulation. RMCW was acquired by SPI in March 2021.
Thermaxx Jackets Logo
Thermaxx Jackets was founded in 1986. Their formula for success is simple: success = the total sum of customer experiences. Thermaxx Jackets sells quality removable insulation blankets for pipes, valves, and heavy equipment. Thermaxx Jackets was acquired by SPI in July 2021.
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