Refractory Products

Refractory Products - Fibre Board

The list below highlights the type of products available from our North American network of Distribution and Fabrication centers. We supply refractory products for applications in: Power Generation, Petrochemical, Iron & Steel, Aluminum, Ceramic, Glass, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Incineration, Transportation, including Marine and Consumer Goods. Our extensive network of Specialty Fabrication shops can also provide diverse, value added services including: cut to size, specialty lamination and machined products.

We are proud to represent industry leading refractory manufacturers.

More Information on Refractory Products

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  • Bulk Fiber
  • Blanket Products (cutting and lamination service)
  • Modules (Folded and Edge Grain)
  • Paper and Felt Products
  • Board Products (cutting and lamination service)
  • Vacuum Formed Shapes
  • IFB (Insulating Firebrick)
  • Dense Firebrick
  • Mortars
  • Monolithics (castables)
  • Pumpables and Moldables
  • Coatings, Cements and Rigidizer
  • Anchors and Studs
  • Portable Welders and Related Hand Tools
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Harbison Walker International Vesuvius