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Well insulated high temperature furnace with beam of light emminating from it
Refractory products are special types of insulation used with boilers, furnaces, and in other high-temperature environments. These products are made of special materials that resist high heat. This allows them to retain their shape and strength in a given setting. Our refractory products can be used in a range of markets, including power, petrochemical, ceramics/glass, iron/steel, aluminum, transportation, and consumer goods.

More Information on Refractory Products:

  • Bulk Fiber
  • Blanket Products (cutting and lamination service)
  • Modules (Folded and Edge Grain)
  • Paper and Felt Products
  • Board Products (cutting and lamination service)
  • Vacuum Formed Shapes
  • IFB (Insulating Firebrick)
  • Dense Firebrick
  • Mortars
  • Monolithics (castables)
  • Pumpables and Moldables
  • Coatings, Cements and Rigidizer
  • Anchors and Studs
  • Portable Welders and Related Hand Tools
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