Providing Superior Solutions

Customer satisfaction is, and will continue to be SPI's first priority, and we will strive for the highest customer satisfaction evaluations in every market in which we operate. The backbone of assessing customer satisfaction really has not changed; customers' needs vary, but they need it on time, every time. We understand that philosophy, and we are committed to being our customers' supplier of choice by meeting those requirements.

SPI's commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation of our historic and future success. With that commitment entrenched throughout the company, we willingly accept the challenge of participating in performance evaluations. As an organization, and as individuals, we will continually address the specific needs of those who depend upon us. We will then consistently satisfy those needs by doing everything right the first time, every time.

Developing and providing superior solutions mandates that SPI:

  • Understand and meet our customer requirements, both internally and externally
  • Improve and expand customer service to make SPI the supplier of choice
  • Reduce waste to establish SPI as the low cost supplier without sacrificing customer service
  • Increase SPI market(s) and quality of customers
  • Increase the value of SPI's relationship to its customers and vendors
  • Produce a safe, fair, trusting, productive, enjoyable and rewarding environment for all SPI employees
  • Protect and provide a fair return on our investment(s) for the risk incurred
  • Be the world class quality supplier of choice to our customers.

It is the policy of SPI to perform our jobs and deliver services in an excellent manner in every market in which we operate. This requires that we anticipate, clearly understand, and meet requirements agreed upon with our customers. SPI's responsibility is to manage quality, safety and productivity with the best interests of our customers, employees and suppliers.