Sustainability at Specialty Products & Insulation

SPI partners with our suppliers to provide Sustainable Superior Solutions to our customers by delivering to them those products that contribute to the environmental well being of our country.

In the Insulation business we and our nameplate suppliers are committed to supplying Superior Solutions and products that:

  • Save Energy
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We are proud to be a member of the National Insulation Association (NIA) that has launched a new initiative as part of its "Mechanical Insulation Marketing Initiative" to demonstrate and educate industry and government that the Mechanical Insulation Industry (insulation of hot or cold piping and equipment and HVAC) is an industry that can help our country save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and create jobs starting immediately.

We at SPI, along with the National Insulation Association (NIA), our contractor customers and our suppliers are ready to assist government and industry to first evaluate energy efficiency of facilities and second provide Mechanical Insulation upgrades that can reduce energy consumption by 30% or more. In some cases, because mechanical insulation is a relatively low cost high quality solution, paybacks have been less than a year.

In the Architectural business we also partner with our nameplate suppliers and are committed to supplying Superior Solutions and products that provide a better living and working environment in Schools, Government facilities and buildings while reducing their carbon footprint:

  • Improve Acoustics
  • Save Light and Energy
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Our suppliers are also committed to products that use high recycled content that contributes to buildings’ LEED points and dovetails with the federal and state government initiatives of "Greening" their facilities.

These are challenging times for our country and all the states in which we have branches and we look forward to doing our part to save energy costs, improve the environment and support construction that will provide jobs.