PG Board TAF insulation is designed for parking garage and mechanical room ceiling/deck applications to satisfy building code insulation requirements where the space above is conditioned(i.e. Apartment and Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Universities, etc.).

PG Board TAF is a lightweight, semi rigid, non-combustible, high temperature insulation finished with a bright white reinforced facing. Per Code the as supplied material must have a Class A fire exposure rating. PG Board TAF has outstanding Flame Spread / Smoke Development ratings of 20/25. The product is produced under lab follow-up service and product shipments carry the laboratory mark ensuring specifiers, installers and owners of consistent quality and performance.

Now, think about the typical dark, noisy parking garage. PG Board TAF finish provides 85% light reflectance to brighten the space while the panel's excellent sound absorption properties quiet immediate and adjacent space. PG Board TAF also resists temperatures of up to 2,150°F. In the event of a vehicle fire this can provide a safer environment for facility occupants and emergency responders.