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Torrington Brush Works 5/8-in Brass Wire Hand Tube Brush

Torrington Brush Works 5/8-in Brass Wire Hand Tube Brush
  • Manufacturer: Torrington Brush Works
  • Brand: Torrington Brush Works
  • Item ID: 3BFXTO06062
  • MPN: 06062

Brass wire tube brushes, twisted in a single galvanized steel stem with an ample size finger loop or eye on the end. Used for brushing and cleaning the inside walls of tubes, drilled holes or other internal bores and passages, where chips of material, dirt and other residue resides. Single stem brushes are not intended to be used in a chuck, drill or machine. Recommended to only be used by hand for manual hole or bore cleaning. Brass wire will provided a softer brushing compared to the high-carbon or stainless steel tube brush versions.

Torrington Brush Works Hand Tube Brush, 5/8 in Brush Diameter, 2-1/2 in Brush Length, 9 in Overall Length, 0.005 in Bristle Diameter, Brass Bristle, Steel Stem Wire, Steel Handle

Bristle Diameter      :      0.005 in
Bristle Material      :      Brass
Brush Diameter      :      5/8 in
Brush Length      :      2-1/2 in
Handle Material      :      Steel
Overall Length      :      9 in
Stem Wire Material      :      Steel
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