SPI is pleased to announce that we have begun the process of digital transformation. By embarking on this digital journey, we are not only refreshing our website with a new look and feel, but we are also introducing new tools that will allow us to work easier, faster, and better. The new design will make our site easier to navigate, allowing customers to find information, request quotes, and place orders faster than ever before.
Here are just a few of the things we are working through on this digital journey:
  • Partnerships:We are defining new ways to partner with our clients and streamlining our processes so you can order, reorder, or pay your invoices anywhere, anytime.
  • Digital Commerce:This winter, we will be launching something truly innovative and spectacular in our digital commerce space – stay tuned for more updates!
  • Social Media:We are revamping and honing our social media presence to expand our internet footprint. Customers will be able to connect with us directly and know what we’re up to, improving relationships across the board.
  • Logo:We have refreshed our logo! We are still the same SPI, but with a new, fresh look that is more aligned with our branding.
All of these changes might seem confusing, but rest assured that we are still the same company with your best interests at heart. Our industry is growing and changing, and we are taking the necessary steps to keep up with the times. We continue to cultivate and maintain our in-person partnerships, and in that spirit, all avenues of business are still and will always remain available to our customers.
We are dedicated to establishing ourselves as industry leaders. Not only are we changing in the digital space, but we have other new initiatives as well. We plan to improve our salesforce productivity by investing in our sales team – this, in turn, is an investment in our customers. By expanding this part of our workforce, we are building a winning sales culture that can share ideas and best practices with our customers, setting us apart and allowing us to continue to lead the way.
We are excited about this new path and where it will lead SPI. We look forward to having you along with us on our journey.
That’s the power of partnership.