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JM #12 90 deg Multi-Fit Elbow Cover

JM #12 90 deg Multi-Fit Elbow Cover
  • Manufacturer: Johns Manville
  • Brand: JM
  • Item ID: 3MMAMF9012
  • MPN: 90031383

Each multi-fit aluminum elbow cover is designed to fit over 90 deg insulation elbows with a specific outer diameter, regardless of the pipe size, use of long or short radius pipe elbows or insulation thickness. The thirteen sizes of JM multi-fit aluminum elbow covers will fit 111 combinations of NPS and insulation thickness up to a nominal outer insulation diameter of 12-3/4 in. Like our aluminum jacketing, multi-fit aluminum elbow covers are a premier protective jacketing for insulation pipe systems and are a crucial accessory to complement the aluminum jacketing. They help protect the insulation and underlying pipe from physical damage, UV exposure, corrosive environments and water. They can also reduce the time and labor needed to install a metal jacketing system.

JM 90 deg Elbow Cover, #12, Smooth Texture, Polyfilm Barrier, Aluminum, 12-3/4 in Width, 0.024 in Thickness

Barrier Material      :      Polyfilm
Material      :      Aluminum
Size      :      #12
Texture Type      :      Smooth
Thickness      :      0.024 in
Width      :      12-3/4 in
  • pdfSpecification Sheet https://cx1content.unilogcorp.com/cx1/view/api/asset/v1/dam/assets/ITEM/DOC/file/267/JM_MF9012_Specification_Sheet.pdf