Request For Quotation

Welcome to SPI's "Request for Quotation" or "Order Placement" module. It has been designed for use as a vehicle by which you can submit a Bill of Material and request a quotation from the SPI service center closest to your office or project location or you can place an order, complete with shipping instructions, to any of the SPI service centers.

The module has been designed for ease of use and includes all major product groups. We distribute a large variety of products that meet our customer requirements. Our commitment to superior customer service demands that we manage over 25,000 SKU's. It is not practical to include all 25,000 SKU's within this module. Should you not find the products you require on the schedules within the module please list your requirements in the space provided. If the products are not included in the module it does not mean we do not distribute them. Just ask, if we do not have it we can get it. Providing unrivaled customer service is what sets us apart from our competition.

Thank you,
Specialty Products & Insulation, Inc.

To begin, select one of the following product categories:

Acoustical Products
Insulation Products

Acoustical products comprise the numerous material components for suspended acoustical and/or decorative ceiling systems, acoustical or decorative wall treatments and various specialty architectural products for new construction and renovation projects.

Insulation products comprise the numerous material components for any given insulation systems required in the commercial, industrial, mechanical, HVAC, metal Building, OEM, marine and specialty insulation markets for new construction, maintenance and renovation applications.

All orders are subject to acceptance by Specialty Products & Insulation Co. (SPI), including but not limited to credit approval, unit pricing, delivery terms, unit of measure, packaging, availability, sales tax status, etc.