SafeLite® Covers - Features and Benefits

Posted on Friday Mar 11, 2022 at 09:23AM in Insulation

Commercial, institutional, and multifamily construction projects present a lot of needs, especially if they are constructed with fire-rated drywall or suspended tile and grid ceilings. These can be compromised if recessed light fixtures and speakers are not properly protected. At SPI, we carry patented SafeLite fixture covers. These are easy to install over the fixture, helping to maintain or restore required assembly fire ratings. SafeLite covers are also installed on projects with non-rated gypsum and suspended tile and grid ceilings to block unwanted sound transmission and reduce energy losses during heating and cooling season.

In addition to restoring fire rating, improving sound transmission, and reducing energy losses, SafeLite covers offer the following benefits:

1) Fire Performance
Building code and UL fire-rated assembly designs require recessed ceiling fixtures such as can lights, light troffers, and speakers be protected with specified materials to maintain fire ratings of floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling assemblies. SafeLite patented fixture covers are UL-certified for a broad range of assemblies and materials. SafeLite covers provide unmatched performance and maintain assembly fire ratings from 3/4 to 3 hours.

2) Sound Blocking
Ceiling systems are specified for sound absorption (NRC) and sound blocking (CAC or STC) performance. Recessed fixtures typically represent 10-20% of the total ceiling area. Unprotected fixtures reduce the ceiling or assembly NRC, CAC, or STC performance. Independent testing confirms that installing SafeLite covers restores or maintains the ceiling’s sound-blocking performance (especially important for HIPAA compliance, such as in hospital or other clinical settings).

3) Thermal Insulation
With a stable R-value, SafeLite covers insulate sheet metal fixtures to minimize heating and cooling seasonal energy losses. This enhances occupant comfort while increasing annual energy cost savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

4) Proper Fixture Fit
Unlike molded covers that only fit a limited fixture size, SafeLite can be produced to fit virtually any size light fixture or speaker, from small, low-profile LED can lights to large light troffers and speakers. SafeLite can also be installed on end-to-end light fixture applications and combination lighted and vented fixtures. Protecting non-IC rated fixtures is easy with SafeLite custom covers, as they can accommodate specified fixture air space requirements.

5) Tight Labor Market
It typically takes contractors one hour to field fabricate a steel-framed drywall enclosure. Conversely, SafeLite installs in about five minutes. In many cases, the labor savings alone more than pays for the SafeLite covers.

6) Power Interruptions
No need to interrupt power while an electrician disconnects the fixture power cable to run it through a molded cover opening. SafeLite easily slits to pull the cable into the cover without disconnecting power and interrupting trades or occupant activities.

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